Meet Dr. Drake

Sunny Drake, DMD, MS

Drake Perio was started by Dr. Drake in 2012. We are specialists in the field of Periodontology, Dental Implants, and Sedation. If you have been told you have deep pockets, receding gums, or need deep cleaning, we would be happy to schedule you for a comprehensive examination and discuss the findings and treatment plan. While many patients are referred by their general dentist, a referral is not necessary to be seen. We love meeting patients who come to our practice because a friend, colleague, or family member sent them our way.

We file insurance paperwork for our patients, and we are unrestricted providers with all dental insurance (out-of-network). For specifics about our financial policy, please click here or for a detailed explanation of most of our services, please click here. If you would like someone from our office to contact you to set up an examination with Dr. Drake, please click call us at 503-385-8821.

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